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Improve Your Profile With CoolSculpting for Double Chin

Did you know that some people have a genetic predisposition to store fat under their chin? A double chin, as it is often referred to, can make you look older or heavier than you actually are. Traditionally, the only way to treat this condition was with liposuction, but this sometimes resulted in the skin around the neck appearing loser. The good news is that there is a specially designed mini CoolSculpting applicator that can target the pad of fat just underneath the chin very precisely and safely. In addition, because the fat cells are absorbed gradually over time, the skin around your neck has a chance to pull back and tighten.

Go Sleeveless With CoolSculpting for Upper Arms

As you get older, your upper arms start to develop fatty deposits and loose skin that can lead to a flabby, “batwing” look. CoolSculpting can treat excess fat in the upper arm area for a more sculpted look, provided it’s mainly extra fat that’s the problem, not excess loose skin. If excess sagging skin is the cause of some underarm jiggle, it most likely isn’t the type of fatty tissue that CoolSculpting would be able to treat. However, areas where the fat being treated is fluffier and lumpier tend to get the best results. With CoolSculpting treatments for fat loss in the upper arm area, you can feel great going sleeveless again!

Get A Better Looking Back With CoolSculpting

You may not turn around in the mirror to look at it very often but back flab around your upper and lower back, as well as around your bra area, can change the way clothes fit you. CoolSculpting is very effective for treating fat on certain areas of the back as the tissues in this area respond very well to treatment. The most commonly treated areas are the lower back, mid back, and “bra bulge” fat under the bra line. These are also great locations to have DualSculpting done, where two machines treat two areas (each side) at the same time, reducing treatment time by half.

Eliminate Your ‘Muffin Top’ With CoolSculpting

Getting rid of the subcutaneous fat that forms the not-so-lovable love handles takes even more time and effort than losing belly fat. This is especially true for men because most of their fat cells are located in this area. If you’re interested in kicking your love handles to the curb, CoolSculpting could be the solution for you. Using a process called DualSculpting, where both sides are treated simultaneously, you can double your results from the treatment in half as much time. In the weeks following your treatment, your pants will start to fit better, and you’ll feel more confident in slimmer shirts, not needing to hide your sides any longer.

Stubborn Belly Fat Has Met Its Match With CoolSculpting

Targeting fat around the tummy is probably the most common area patients want to treat with CoolSculpting. The results are good proof as to why. With fat loss, flatter stomachs and abs are what some of us have our eyes on; but hormones, age, pregnancies, and other genetic factors all contribute towards making this goal so hard to achieve through diet and exercise alone. Fortunately, CoolSculpting can reach stubborn belly fat and freeze it away without any invasive methods. This targeted treatment is proving so popular that even Hollywood stars like Debra Messing have successfully used it to eliminate “a pouch of fat on her stomach that just wouldn’t budge”.

Slenderize Your Thighs With CoolSculpting

Ever tried on an amazing pair of jeans in your size only to find them a little too tight in the thigh area? If this sounds familiar, you may be carrying excess fat around your inner or other thighs, often referred to as “saddle bags”. CoolSculpting is an option for both thigh areas, even though they may be comprised of different types of fat cells. The skin on the inner thighs is usually easier to pinch and to feel surface fat, while the outer thighs are more dense with intramuscular fat. The good news is that our CoolSmooth applicator is designed specifically to grab hard-to-reach fat bulges on the outer thighs. So whether the goal is to get a thigh gap or to get rid of saddle bags, you’ll see great results with CoolSculpting.

Show Off Your Legs With CoolSculpting For Knees

With growing age, or hormonal changes, especially during pregnancy and menopause in women, the body tends to hold excess fat in certain spots such as the knees and thighs. If you like to wear shorts, miniskirts, or swimsuits, excess fat around the knee can be frustrating as if often makes the legs appear disproportionate and distorted. CoolSculpting can treat fat deposits both above the knees and on the inner knee itself. Since the area being treated is quite small, the CoolMini applicator can be applied to precisely fit the area so as to obtain the best results possible.

The CoolSculpting Process

CoolSculpting is the leading fat freezing method on the market, and its results are truly life changing. It uses a cooling technique to freeze the fat in a specific area of your body making it the ideal solution for those who are trying to get rid of stubborn bulges of fat. Since everyone has a unique body shape and size, an in-person evaluation is conducted to a create a custom treatment protocol that fits your goals and your budget.


Using a custom applicator, controlled and precise cooling is applied to target the fat cells and freeze them away


Additional radio frequency treatments boost collagen production, improving skin texture and appearance


Results are maximized with a physical activity and nutrition program to speed up the slimming process

Following your initial assessment, the freezing treatment is performed using “applicators” which come in various sizes. A CoolSculpting specialist will skillfully and artistically place these applicators (almost like puzzle pieces) in a way that fit together to maximize the performance and result of the treatment. During the weeks following your procedure, supplementary treatments with radio frequency technology are provided to boost collagen production; firming the skin and improving the appearance of bumps and dimpling. In addition, patients are given nutrition and exercise guidelines as it has been proven that customers who engage in regular physical activity have experienced the most dramatic and lasting results.

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Treatment Areas

Your Treatment Protocol

You may be thinking that CoolSculpting is a complicated process that requires a lot of doctor visits, but in fact, you could see results within as little as one treatment appointment. Not only that, the science behind the process leaves your fat gone for good!

Before the Treatment

An in-person consultation from an expert CoolSculpting provider is the first step in understanding what to expect from your treatment. Your clinician will examine your body from different angles to come up with a holistic plan for your fat loss goals and for reshaping your body with CoolSculpting. They’ll give you a realistic idea of what your body could look like when your final CoolSculpting results reveal themselves and what they could look like with more than one treatment. If necessary, they will also offer financing plans so you can get started right away.

During Your Treatment

At your treatment appointment, a single applicator or two applicators will be placed on your body. Using a vacuum device, they suck in the fat in the areas you wish to be treated. The applicator delivers a cool but controlled temperature that begins to crystallize the fat at a deep level. You may feel some tingling, numbness, and pulling sensations due to the coolness and the vacuum but this fades away as the procedure progresses. One treatment cycle can last from 35 to 60 minutes, and more than one treatment may be necessary depending on your treatment plan.

After Your Treatment

Once complete, the specialist will perform a brief massage of the treated areas to smooth out and rewarm any lumps made by the application. According to patients, this is often the most uncomfortable part of the procedure as the frozen areas can be quite tender, however this only lasts for a couple minutes. Once you leave the appointment you can immediately resume your normal activities. Side effects are minimal after CoolSculpting and they are usually mild and temporary. Gradual fat loss of up to 25% occurs over the next 3 to 12 weeks allowing your skin to adjust to your new body shape naturally.


Results and Patient Experience May Vary.

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